HAEUSLER Group taken over Fontijne Grotnes Pipe Expander business

We are glad to inform you, that Haeusler has taken over the complete business unit pipe from the well know producer of full body pipe expanders, Fontijne Grotnes in Vlaardingen Netherlands. With this acquisition Haeusler strengthen its position in the global pipe market, especially in the field of full body pipe expanders.

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Pipe Expanders for the oil and gas industry

Fontijne Grotnes has an impressive history in the manufacturing of LSAW & HSAW Pipe Expanders. Our product line for the pipe industry includes equipment and production systems used to shape, size, straighten and strengthen pipes for a wide range of applications and industries. Our expanders have been used around the world for five decades.

Full Length Pipe Expanders and Pipe End Expanders

These machines range from Full Length Pipe Expanders, processing pipes used in the oil and gas industry, to Pipe End Expanders used for other specialty applications.

LSAW & HSAW Pipe Expander

Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded pipes

Longitudinally welded steel (LSAW) pipes are used in onshore and offshore oil and gas pipelines requiring critical service, high performance and tight tolerances. LSAW pipes are also used in conveyance of flammable & nonflammable liquids, and as structural members in construction projects.

To meet the international standards for longitudinal welded large diameter pipes in the oil and gas industry, Fontijne Grotnes is active in designing and manufacturing of mechanical Full Length Pipe Expanders for more than 40 years. Our Full Length Pipe Expander is in use with well-known LSAW pipe manufacturers all over the world.

Ovality and straightness of pipes

A Full Length Pipe Expander is an essential part of the production process in a pipe mill. Tolerances for ovality and straightness of pipes are becoming increasingly important to the later laying of pipes in the field. The pipe expander process makes the welding of the pipeline in the field, even cut pipe sections, much easier. The expander guarantees a consistent, repeatable process regarding diameter and mechanical properties. Fontijne Grotnes is constantly improving the pipe-expanding process in anticipation of new markets.

spiral pipes


Helically Submerged Arc Welded or spiral pipes

Helically Submerged Arc Welded (HSAW) pipes are –together with LSAW pipes- still the major component for pipeline constructions around the world.

Spiral weld pipe is a steel pipe which has a seam running its entire length in a spiral form. With the development of the Submerged Arc Welding process it is possible to produce spiral weld pipe for high pressure service.

Pipe End Expanders for HSAW / spiral pipes

Our product line for the pipe industry includes Pipe End Expanders for sizing the end of large-diameter pipes to parallel, spherical, and semi-spherical joints. The joints are suitable for HSAW pipes, mainly used for the transportation of water and sewage, as well as other types of pipe.

The Fontijne Grotnes Pipe End Expander guarantees a constant, reproducible process regarding diameter-, ovality tolerances and product shape. Within the manufacturing process, the pipes have to be expanded according to industry accepted standards.

CRA lined pipes


CRA lined pipes

CRA lined pipes or CRA clad pipes are corrosion resistant pipes consisting of a corrosion resistant inner pipe and an outer pipe that can withstand the internal and external pressure.

CRA lined pipes to transport oil, gas, water and corrosive liquid chemicals

Potential applications for pipes with CRA material are: subsea pipelines for sour gas and oil, water reinjection systems, saltwater pipelines, process pipes in the chemical industry etc.

CRA lined pipes are mainly used as:
• Flowlines: transport from wellhead to treating and processing facilities
• Riser pipes: connection from drilling rig to sub-sea system
• And for other type of pipelines

Mechanical bonding by our Full Length Pipe Expander

In close collaboration with major players in the CRA Lined pipe market, Fontijne Grotnes realized the technological breakthrough to perform the mechanical bonding between the CRA liner and outer pipe with the use of an expander head with flexible dies. It creates an optimal mechanical bonding for each inner pipe and outer pipe combination.

For bonding CRA lined pipes by means of a Full Length Pipe Expander the inner and outer pipe are telescopic aligned and subsequently positioned on the infeed and outfeed loading cart. The pipe is fed incremental with use of the loading cart over the expander head. A special expander head design is used to ensure uniform mechanical bonding of the inner and outer pipe over the complete contact area. The Full Length Pipe Expander is equipped with a linear transducer which accurately measures the position of the dies, such that the optimum in mechanical bonding for each inner and outer pipe material combination can be achieved.

Current production methods for CRA lined pipes have many technological and economical disadvantages. The expander head with flexible dies is an added value to the market. It creates an optimal mechanical bonding for each inner pipe and outer pipe combination.

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Expander upgrades (retrofits)

Upgrade solutions for Full Length Pipe Expanders:

• Dedicated tooling and expander heads: for improving production rates and efficiency

• Quick tool change system: 22 man hours less to change a head and 10,5 less to change a die

• Straightening tunnel: straightness of 0,1% of the pipe length can be achieved for pipes < 30"

• Yearly service visit: direct standby assistance and a specialist on site

• Software upgrade: for more efficient machine performance All the above mentioned upgrade solutions can also be executed on expanders which are not manufactured by Fontijne Grotnes.

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CRA lined pipes


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